One of a Kind Handcrafted Designs, as Unique as Your Pooch

Welcome to Beaut Outerwear, where your pooch's uniqueness is celebrated through our one-of-a-kind handmade designs! We understand how essential quality is to our valued customers, and that's why we take immense pride in crafting each piece right here in the USA.

When your pooch steps out in our handcrafted designs, they're guaranteed to become the center of attention and turn heads wherever they go. Our commitment to luxury ensures that our products not only make a stylish statement but also provide the utmost comfort, no matter what surprises life has in store for your furry companion.

At Beaut Outerwear, we've got the solution to keep your beloved pouch(s) comfortable, stylish, and ready to conquer any adventure. Come and explore our unique range of designs that will have tails wagging with delight!

Bow Ties

Solid Bow Tie

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Half T-Shirt

Live, Love, Bark

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Gentleman Bandana

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OMG! It is beautiful and fits great! Many Thanks!


We purchased a “friendly dog” collar for our dog Sketter. This has been great to let all know that she is excited and friendly to meet new people. Thank you Ricardo!


Unbeknownst to me, my dog is in love with his coat. I fell in love with the look, while he feel for the feel of it... The color compliments his coat, but the feel of the fur gives him an unexpected level of comfort. I can’t wait to buy more. In addition, the owner of the company was so well versed in the dog attire. His passion gave me a level of comfort that was appreciated. Great customer service is HARD to find...


The designs and patterns are out of this world! The attention to detail in each design is very much appreciated as the brand matches my stylish ways. All in all, Beaut is where to go!


Cutest designs I’ve ever me I’m a shopaholic


I just wanted to start off by telling you how amazing the dog items are! Maisie is going to be the best dressed dog in the neighborhood!


Absolutely unparalleled products and service. I'm confident that this store will be the next big thing in its industry, and that its products will be timeless.



Wheelchair Friendly Leashes

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Backpack Turns into a Crossbody for human

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