Meet Ricardo

Ever since an early age, Ricardo always had a strong fascination for creating stunning designs and an eye for fashion. As a fashion designer, he believes that fashion should be bold and innovative. Over the last fifteen years, Ricardo has strived to ensure that his designs leave a statement that stands out. From an extensive palette of unique colors, designs, and prints to creating unique coats, jackets, and accessories for your pooch, Ricardo’s luxury dog fashion brand Beaut Outerwear is redefining the dog fashion world with style.

However, before he began his career in fashion, twenty-years ago Ricardo found himself confined to a wheelchair. Although being disabled is not how he envisioned his life, Ricardo was determined to not let his physical disadvantages hold him back from achieving his goals.  So In 2006, Ricardo graduated top of his class from the Art Institute of New York City with a degree in fashion design. After pursuing his education, Ricardo worked for several fashion houses, where he gained experience in the fashion industry and learned ways to build a successful brand. After being laid off, Ricardo launched his brand Beaut Outerwear in 2016. 

Through Beaut Outerwear, Ricardo ensures that all his designs are manufactured in the U.S and are expertly made from premium and durable materials. Beaut Outerwear collections has received several raved reviews and has sent a message to the dog fashion world that he is here to stay. Each design is uniquely made with each customer and their four-legged pooch in mind. He works hard to deliver results, quality and a unique solution to help transform the lives of pooch lovers across the USA. What is better than that? 

Ricardo’s story is not only about the passion for fashion, but it is the story of how adversity can lead to purpose and forging a unique path that can change the world. He is a game-changer, pioneer, and trailblazer. He has participated in over 100 dog shows and has won several awards and competitions. He is a philanthropist who has donated several of his designs for silent auctions and has partnered with several organizations to gift handicap dogs with his custom designs. He is a true dog lover, and when he is not busy designing, you can find him  hanging out with the one and only Mr. Beaut, his Merle toy poodle (the face and behind the brand Beaut Outerwear).