Meet Ricardo

From an early age, Ricardo's passion for creating stunning designs and his keen eye for fashion were undeniable. As a fashion designer, he believes in bold and innovative expressions of style. For the past fifteen years, Ricardo has dedicated himself to making sure his designs leave a lasting statement that stands out. From a rich palette of unique colors, designs, and prints to crafting exquisite coats, jackets, and accessories for your furry companions, Ricardo's luxury dog fashion brand, Beaut Outerwear, is redefining the world of dog fashion with unparalleled flair.

However, Ricardo's journey wasn't without challenges. Two decades ago, he found himself confined to a wheelchair. Despite this unexpected setback, Ricardo's determination knew no bounds, and he refused to let physical limitations hinder his dreams. In 2006, he graduated top of his class from the prestigious Art Institute of New York City, armed with a degree in fashion design. His subsequent experiences in the fashion industry honed his skills and fueled his ambition to build a successful brand. This led him to create Beaut Outerwear in 2016 after facing a layoff.

At Beaut Outerwear, Ricardo takes great pride in ensuring that all his designs are crafted in the USA with premium and durable materials. The collections have garnered rave reviews, making a resounding statement in the world of dog fashion. Each creation is thoughtfully made with every customer and their beloved canine companion in mind. Ricardo's dedication to delivering excellence, quality, and unique solutions has touched the lives of dog lovers across the nation—a truly heartwarming endeavor.

Ricardo's inspiring story extends beyond his passion for fashion; it embodies the triumph of adversity and the forging of a unique path that can make a difference in the world. He's a true game-changer, a pioneer, and a trailblazer. Participating in over 100 dog shows, he has secured numerous awards and accolades. Yet, his generous spirit knows no bounds. A devoted philanthropist, Ricardo has donated his designs for silent auctions and partnered with organizations to gift custom creations to disabled dogs.

Amidst his busy design schedule, you'll often find Ricardo spending cherished moments with the one and only Mr. Beaut, his beloved Merle toy poodle who is both the face and heart behind the brand Beaut Outerwear. It's this deep bond with dogs that fuels Ricardo's passion and keeps his creative spirit alive, making him not just a remarkable designer but a true dog lover at heart.