Our four-legged friends mean the world to us – however, when it comes to showing off just how much we love them, things suddenly begin getting a little more difficult. Indeed, as pet lovers ourselves, we discovered the unique challenges of finding luxury dog designs that are both practical and stylish to help your pet look its best. And with this in mind, we set out to make a difference with our brand. As such, we launched our luxury dog Designs to help you find those ideal solutions that best fit your needs.
Of course, there’s a unique complexity when it comes to creating unique, inspiring, and genuinely practical designs for dogs of all shapes and sizes. But, of course, pet garments and accessories need to be aesthetically stunning and fashion-forward. Still, they also need to balance this with exceptional durability and premium-quality materials to ensure they can withstand the rigors of pet life. But unfortunately, in all too many cases, this was something that seemed impossible to find.
Unfortunately, the current norm for luxury dog clothing seems to be fashion-focused, with little consideration for how the new clothes keep your pet comfortable, happy, and at the top of their game. But it shouldn’t have to be this way, so we set out to make a difference. As such, through our dog designs, we aspire
Our designer, Ricardo Auguste, has never been one to shy away from complex new challenges and complexities, which is something he focuses on for every new design for dog coats, jackets, and accessories he comes up with. As a wheelchair user himself, Ricardo saw just how crucial practicality was first-hand when it came to his Merle toy poodle. This realization was largely what inspired him to begin creating new designs, aspiring to one-day make a genuine difference for those who need it the most.
His fashion-forward, comfortable, and beautiful designs are made with a unique focus on practicality. So, before any new design can be approved, it must first deliver a valuable and effective practical solution, ensuring that every design will turn heads for all the right reasons! What’s more, we knew we could do so much more than just generic, bog-standard designs and prints; that’s why we set out to make a change, instead, by offering a unique pattern for our outfits rather than just using yet another dull, uninspired print.
With Beaut Outerwear, you can count on the most creative designs for comfortable living – both for you and your beloved dog(s). That’s why our unique coats, jackets, and accessories for dogs are leading a revolution in the dog fashion world – because we recognize that there’s a solution for every dog.
No matter the size, breed, shape, or color of your Dog, there’s a style that’s ideal for you. We were determined to meet this goal, and we never compromise when it comes to quality or comfort – that’s something you can count on. Our unique and customized solutions and dual-functionality designs give each design a certain magic and charm that’s unlike any other on the market – and this is something we’ll never compromise on. So, to find out more about our luxury dog designs and how we can help you create the style that’s perfect for you and your pooch, please don’t hesitate; we’re here to help, after all!
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